• Some of My Work...

    Developed strategy for enterprise brand campaign covering awareness through retention stages, channel selection, KPI drivers, segmented audience targeting and messaging guidelines.

    Assembled App Store content and creatives with ASO compliance including app preview video and screenshots.

    Researched and planned segmentation and targeting strategies including segment data capture, usage and monetization aspects, target selection, and buyer persona creation.

    Developed brand strategy characteristics including company mission, value proposition, competitive landscape, positioning, brand voice, messaging, and channel specific strategies.

    Defined data scheme for all user data across app, attribution software, analytics software, internal databases and cloud based data warehouses.

    Achieved a Facebook/Instagram ad campaign high of 19.20 ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) using enhanced custom audience creation and targeting strategies.

    (9.91 ROAS avg across all campaigns).

    Doubled sales of the affiliate program through new referral growth and implementation of an engaging content program.

    Built an extremely successful B2B leads campaign that included A/B testing ideas through Facebook lead ads, and a Facebook Messenger bot apparel e-fitting, that lead to an all time low $1.04 CPL for custom team leads.

    Setup an automated strategy for an education website that targeted three customer segments. The flow sent subscribers through an automated email course followed by an evergreen sales webinar and finally a membership based website. The automated flow handled segmentation, timing, delays, and instances for specific customer actions.

    Boosted website lead generation by 145% through proper positioning, targeted persona landing pages, and updated content that spoke to solving the problems of each persona. Optimized the segmented website build with CRO strategies.

    Developed and implemented a new social messaging plan that achieved a 4X increase in website visits from social channels.

    Developed all marketing materials for mobile app pitches and client sales.

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