• Experiences

    Stuff I've Done.


    Marketing Director

    I built key aspects of marketing and business functions for this mobile app startup including brand strategies, monetization plans, growth modeling, data flow modeling, marketing channel and content strategies, as well as app UX features.

    Cuore Of Switzerland

    Digital Marketing Lead

    I defined diverse go to market digital strategies, channel and content planning, implemented tactics and analyzed results for both B2B and B2C departments of a global athletic apparel company.


    Digital Marketing Manager

    I managed the firm wide transition from traditional marketing to a digital marketing focus that increased awareness, engagement, and B2B leads. I provided strategic initiatives and tactical guidance, both through sales process management and digital marketing, to firm partners and industry niche teams. I collaborated with the firm President to align marketing strategies with firm objectives.

    Elk 101

    Digital Marketing Contractor

    I built an automated funnel for the Elk 101 educational company including segmented targeting, software integrations, and flow analysis.


    Marketing and Sales Manager

    I managed all aspects of marketing and sales for the CrowdStitch event related mobile app company including brand strategy, social media, content creation, and sales process management.

  • Skills & Software

    Things I've Picked Up Over The Years

    Brand Strategy

    Google Docs, Lucidchart, draw.io

    Analytics (Websites & Mobile Apps)

    Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Kochava, Hotjar

    Digital Advertising

    Facebook & Instagram Ad Manager, Google Ads

    Marketing Automation

    GetResponse, Autopilot, Funnelytics

    Project Management

    Microsoft Projects, Agantty, Trello

    Customer Journey Optimization (CJO)

    Lucidchart, draw.io

    Segmentation & Targeting Planning

    Statista, Google Docs

    Growth & Monetization Planning

    Google Sheets

    Messenger Bots


    Social Media

    Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn

    Email Marketing

    Mailchimp, GetResponse


    Affinity Designer, Canva


    HitFilm, Adobe Rush

    Sales Process

    Hubspot CRM, Salesforce

  • My Marketing Mind

    What Guides Me.


    Digital marketing changes daily.


    The innovative software updates, new strategies, and revised acronyms that emerge in the industry can surprise even the most veteran marketer.


    The only way to keep abreast of these updates is to constantly be learning, expanding my breadth of knowledge about the cutting edge aspects of marketing that help myself and my clients succeed.




    The affiliation between marketing and psychology is both powerful and useful if it’s part of the devised strategies.


    As the marketer, envisioning outcomes based on your understanding of the customer’s wants and needs, and testing those theories, are a fundamental part of noteworthy marketing.







    In this day and age, the digital tools available to a marketer provide an unprecedented level of data and information.


    Data that can unearth everything you want to know, and answer all those burning questions about marketing each product, service, and the business as a whole.


    But most importantly, it provides the guidance behind connecting the marketing message with what each prospective customer desires.




    What I affectionately term the “HLO”, or the “High Level Overview” is what I feel most marketers miss when working with companies.


    Superb strategies and tactics are essential to business growth, but how do they all connect to reach KPIs and goals?


    Taking a step back to see the big picture is a necessary but oft missed aspect of marketing.




    Plan & Process

    I admit, I bucked it in my early career. Why spend so much time on planning and creating processes when you can just get started?

    But as I found out through trials and failures, having an airtight plan and process to implement that plan, creates the right environment for fruitful marketing.






  • Let's Get Personal

    Stuff I Like.


    There’s few things better than standing on top of a mountain after a long hike, watching a bird soar in a thermal while breathing in the refreshing crisp air.


    From Hyperloop to Hololens and Waymo, I’m excited about the tech innovations slated to disrupt numerous industries.


    Shifting my life from an unhealthy path to eating well, exercising, and being mentally focused has been a long but rewarding road.


    Great movies immerse you in their world. I’m particularly fond of the Joseph Campbell-esque hero’s journey stories like Star Wars and the Matrix, but can definitely be found watching my share of RomComs as well.

    (I’m not ashamed)


    I was born in Singapore, lived in HK, got engaged in Italy, and have found that experiences you partake in while traveling can fill your soul in so many surprising ways.

  • Drop Me a Line

    I'm currently available for freelance work.


    If you have a project that you need help with, or just fancy saying hi...

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